Monday, May 7, 2012

Performance Evaluations


One of the funny parts of Daddy's job is the dreaded self-appraisal performance evaluation where your Dad has to "honestly" judge himself while sounding good enough to earn at least an "above average" performance record for the year. In so many ways, this years form feels like a joke. However, Daddy can not simply put down..."shows up, tries his best but his best usually sucks...then tries to hide the suckiness and make it look spectacular." In other words, Daddy's performance feels like a performance...and acting one. This mirrors Daddy's performance in everyday life as well. The acting gets better, but the performance seems to stay the same, and it is this treading water that is the next hurdle to overcome. Trust me, Daddy is fighting very very hard to do this, but this stage seems more difficult for whatever reason and that is the problem...Daddy has yet to understand the reason. All he knows is that the effort is there, sometime more there than others, but it is always there and your Dad will just have to find it within himself to work that much harder to keep making progress because treading water for this long is starting to wear Daddy out. So, as Daddy tries to get that "above average" evaluation at work, he will just be happy for "above water" in his own head for now.

I love you and will not stop trying!

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  1. We have to do the same sort of thing every year. When I had to do mine, I couldn't figure out what to write because I didn't do anything very significant. So I wrote "showed up to work every day, got qualified, and managed to not kill anyone." My boss didn't find much humor in it, but it was the most honest thing I could write.