Saturday, May 5, 2012

SIDS Walk Day


Well, we did the SIDS walk today. Daddy got to meet Ms. LaToya finally. She was very nice and gave your Dad a big hug. It was great to finally meet someone who has been so kind to us. Daddy also got to meet a family with a young girl around Ava's age...and she and Ava had a great time running together and being silly. It was fun to see, especially under the circumstances. Ms. Jacque, Ms. Lisbet and Bryce, Cousin Rua, and Cousin Lizzie also came out to show their love and support. It was great to have everybody there to make it easier to keep composure throughout the day, and the kids made Daddy laugh with their silliness, and that always helps. Best of all, the girls made sure to get and then bring home and plant some flowers for you. A four and five year old often can, and do, teach we adults something about what kindness is. They never cease to amaze in that way.

Much love!

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