Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another Day, Another...

Another day, another jackass. I know I am overly sensitive to this particular subject, but where in the hell has common decency gone with people these days. This wonderful individual wrote this on his/her "SIDS" post today... 
Tuesday morning came with cold rain and a grim discovery.The beloved 13" macbook, barely 9 months old, had become cold and unresponsive.
Just when you think human beings can not lower themselves to any greater depths, one jackass takes it upon themselves to reaffirm the levels of human stupidity and ignorance. Hopefully your next replaceable macbook will "live" a bit longer and you will get over your grief in a timely fashion. Call Apple, I am sure they have an iKlenex for you to wipe your tears...if not, then I have an "adaptor" to help straighten things out for you.

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  1. sigh....people are idiots!

    Mom to Angel Alexander the Great - forever 21 months old