Monday, November 26, 2012

A Dad's Dichotomy

This man went through a different ordeal, but the feelings are still the same. The first link is where I am, the second is where I would like to be. The first is painful and raw. The second is hopeful. The first is one of the best external expressions of internal conflict I have ever seen. The second is one of the best examples of why you should never give up on yourself. He explores religion in the second, and that is ok because hope comes in many forms...but as long as hope exists, who cares about the religious part. It is about the journey to find peace and these two videos show a possible path to peace.

Thank you Mr. Griffith for saying what all of us Dads want to say in our own way, and thanks for making it so raw and public.

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  1. I wonder every day what is in store for us too. I like the idea of life as a novel with you as the main character. We never know what will happen next....a lot of sweetness, a ton of bitterness too. It just is what it is. Thank you for finding and sharing these clips.