Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daddy is never far away


Today was a busy day for Daddy. I went to a seminar for Daddies of dead children and met a man who inspired me to start Colin's Corner. This man's name is Kelly Farley. He and Daddy talked for hours in what was supposed to be an interview. It wound up being a dialogue between two Dads with a common but unfortunate bond. We talked, shared, laughed, and shed a few tears, but, in the end, we shared love and respect for each other, our respective families, and our deceased but still very much alive children. I will never forget this day, and will be eternily grateful to Kelly for sharing and allowing me to share you...but, the main reason that I will never forget this day is that when I put your big sister to bed, I apologized for being away so long and missing her library event, and the I said, "I love you, and always remember, Daddy is never far away." Colin, your Daddy is never far away.

Good night my dear son.

love you,


  1. Steven,

    I wanted to thank you for the time we spent together last Saturday. I agree it was mroe than just and interview. It was two guys talking about their experiences through such an horrific event. Thank you for being forthcoming and honest with the pain and your thoughts.

    Tell Ava how sorry I am that you missed her event. I feel terrible. Time slipped away from us quickly.

    Also, that you for attending the Grieving Dads workshop. I hope it gave you some peace knowing that you are not alone on this journey.


    Kelly Farley

  2. Kelly,

    Please do not feel terrible. Coming to the workshop and sitting down for a few hours to share and just talk helps me become a better father to Ava, a better husband to Ellen, and a better person. In order to navigate through life now, it takes friends like you who are willing to listen and appreciate the difficulty of moving forward each day. Thanks again.

    Take care,