Monday, August 1, 2011

Special Thanks


After fiddling around with you blog design ever since I started your own little corner of cyber space, nothing seemed appropriate, communicative, or even close to right. A short while ago, Mommy and Daddy's dearest friend from Scotland sent us some pictures of what they call "Colin's Wood" on the banks of Loch Ness. They, and now we refer to the forest location as Colin's Wood since after you died Lynsae and Richard dedicated a tree in your memory to the reforrestation of the lands around the loch. It was and continues to be a beautiful gesture to add your spirit to their corner of the world. I helps you live in yet another place and in others' hearts. So, after sorting through the pictures, Daddy picked one that made him feel at peace picturing your spirit enjoying the beautiful purple flowers, the views of Loch Ness and now having the knowledge of the existence or not of Nessie. Hopefully, "Nessie" is the spirits of all the other children with trees in that forest playing and existing in a perfect way that only you and they can comprehend.

Thank you Lynsae, Richard, and of course little Orla for your continued love, support, and kindness.

I will talk to you again very soon Colin.

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