Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hey there Colin. Here we are again, another 2nd day of the month. Today marks the 7 month anniversary of your birth and sadly the 5 month anniversary of your death. These days are always bittersweet for Daddy. Each passing 2nd makes me think of you more than usual, which is tough to do, so maybe I should say more intensely than usual. Either way, I think of you and smile and cry at the same time on these days. Hopefully you understand the mixed up emotions and difficulty Daddy is experiencing. Fortunately these 2nds only come once a month. Unfortunately the other seconds tick away constantly and never give Daddy time to take a "time-out" from life just to not be for a moment or two. Oh well, since I can not change it, I will just have to deal with the 2nds and the seconds in a way that hopefully makes you as proud of me as I am of you.

I love you,


  1. Steven,

    I know just how tough these days can be. Know that we are with you in your time of grief. If you need a friend to talk to please dont hesitate to call, and dont worry about the time difference, my cell is always on! Take care my friend!


  2. Thank you Ernesto. It means a great deal to know that you are so willing to lend a hand, or an ear in this case, whenever I need it. I am...and I do not use this word often...humbled by your amazing care and support.