Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dinner Date


I thought you would like to know that your big sister went out on an official date last night. No, no, it wasn't with some boy you would have to scowl at or beat up if he got out of line, it was with Daddy. Since Mommy had a meeting that left Daddy and Ava to their own devices for dinner, we decided to go out for some of Mr. Joe's pizza. Ava was already dressed but said that she needed to wear an actual dress for our "date." It was quite cute and funny to see her wanting to get all fancy to go to a pizza/sub shop, but to her Mr. Joe's pizza is quite the delicacy, and she really wanted to look nice...not for me, but for Mr. Joe. After all he makes the pizza special just for her. At least that is the story Daddy tells her to help her explore new foods. As you may know, your big sister is a bit of a finicky eater, so Mommy and Daddy do what we can to expand her horizons beyond chicken nuggets and a starch. During our dinner date, Ava said that she was saving a little slice of pizza just for you when you come down from heaven. She thought you probably wouldn't like the crust but that you would love having a "cheese face." I told her that maybe a "sauce face" would be more fun and messy, so we agreed on a "cheesy, saucy face" and laughed and smiled. I thought it was a great way to celebrate you on your anniversary days.



  1. How cute! Hold on to these precious memories!


  2. I think it's great that Colin is still an active part of your family -- that he is celebrated and loved and and that Ava is saving pizza for him. I have a feeling Colin would have loved the cheese, but not olives -- so if you ever get olives on your pizza, you'll need to pick those off. oxoxo