Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hey there Colin, guess who...give up, its me, Daddy. It might seem like a magic trick when I post and it "magically" appears all over the internet, but it is just slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, and a little technological innovation that makes it all happen. Speaking of magical, Ava and Daddy went to a magic show tonight and it was a blast. Ava sat with me, Lizzie, Jenny, and Thomas, and we all laughed and oohed and aahed with every cool trick. The only thing that made your big sister upset was that she did not get called on to help with a trick. So, we decided that we are going to do a surprise magic show for Mommy one day soon...shhhh, don't tell.

As for magical moments, your big sister smiled at me with the best grin and I could see a little bit of you in that amazing smile. Trust me my dear son, your big sister keeps you alive in ways nothing else does, and Daddy is astounded by everything she does and everything that she will grow to be.

Good night little man.


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