Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2

Hey there Colin.

Today is another one of those bittersweet days where the monthly anniversaries of your birth and death serve as a reminder of all the promise in the world seen in such a little face then that promising light being extinguished. I still hate these days. It is difficult to concentrate, do my job properly, or to care much about anything at all. It is even tough to think of what to say to you on these days. I want to tell you I love you and say how sorry I am in the same instant, but most of all I want to just hold you again. I am thankful for the two months I had with you and I try not to cry over your death too much because I want to celebrate your life, but on what is supposed to be celebrating the eight month anniversary of your birth, the pain of the six month anniversary of your death wins out. So, today I am going to cry for you. Tomorrow will be a new day and I can go back to trying to celebrate your life.

Much love,


  1. We send you our love and will always think of you and Colin on the 2nds. Zayana just turned 8mos,too, and I have no doubt they have become buddies in heaven as their parents have become buddies on earth. Allow yourself that time to cry today. It shows what great impact his beautiful life had and continues to have.