Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Weekend


The weekend was supposed to be relatively quiet, but wound up being far from it. It actually wound up being pretty jam packed with stuff. Saturday saw your Daddy having a few "simple" projects that would take just a few hours...well, you know how that worked out. While Mommy and Ava went to see Nana, Daddy went  over to help some friends with the church woodworking project that has grown, and grown, and grown. However, we finished a major step by completing all of the staining. That lasted about an extra hour than predicted. Next was getting home to do some laundry. Well, that came to a screeching halt when on the rinse cycle, water started filling the utility room...AGAIN. The main drain was clogged...AGAIN. Daddy rushed off to Home Depot and bought some totally useless stuff to unclog it...AGAIN. Needless to say, it did not work. So your silly Dad cleaned up the mess again and started some other little things that were on the agenda until it was time for Mommy and Ava to come home and Daddy's time to take the cats to the vet. That took about an hour and a half more of the day before it was time to return home for dinner and night time wind down for everyone. This leads us to Sunday.

Mommy and Ava went to church while Daddy skipped this week in order to take care of the major plumbing issue (I think God is ok with me preventing raw sewage from baking up into the house during one Sunday mass). So, Daddy went to Home Depot...AGAIN to rent a plumbing snake. There is a valuable lesson to be learned about snaking a main drain...use ALL 100 FEET of the snake every time. So, after much more time than anticipated, the drain was clog free and off to the next project. After returning the rental, Daddy helped a neighbor fix the soffit for an upcoming home inspection. That proved to be easier than expected. Whew! Next came a well deserved shower...a nice long one (I was so going to test that drain and get the smell of 100 feet of sewage pipe out of my nose and off my skin). Then came to crib assembly for some expecting friends. That too proved easier than expected. After that was a trip to the grocery store, getting lunch together, and then assembling a "tombstone party" for Ava and friend's kids up the street (what else do you do with scrap wood?). The party was a lot of fun and everyone made some really cool tombstones for Halloween decorations. Two of Ava's friends stayed to play for a bit which gave Daddy (and Mommy) the first real break of the weekend. So, Daddy sat and relaxed, Mommy went off to do her thing, and the kids played for an extra hour. Then it was back to normal...get a fire going, get dinner together (ordered pizza and enjoyed not having to cook!), and snuggle up for a bit before bedtime routine and Mommy and Daddy finally nodding off a bit later.

So, as you can see, it has been a bit of a whirlwind weekend, and I did not even include Uncle Sean coming over for dinner on Friday. I did not want to lump his visit in with the hectic nature of everything else. So, a weekend that started and ended with some quiet and relaxed enjoyment was totally filled with mayhem and chaos in between, and Daddy missed having the extra chaos you would have added during everything...but you would have added really great chaos!

I love you!

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  1. Glad to hear everything got fixed and you finally got some rest.