Wednesday, October 26, 2011



Since Halloween is all about ghost, goblins, and spirits, I am officially renaming it Coliween since you are a spirit. In recognition of this renaming everyone should walk around in adult diapers...nevermind, scratch that. The visual alone was enough to give me a fright. Ok, to recognize Coliween, I think your Daddy is just going to find a way to incorporate your spirit somehow into his costume. It will be a tough challenge since your Daddy usually dresses up as his own evil twin brother...not all that creative, but very cheap. Over the next few days, Daddy is going to think of something fun and special that only he knows about as a Coliween tribute to you. It will be our little secret...that is if Mommy does not figure it out and take pictures. She is a sly one after all. You should know, you spent a lot of time in her belly getting to know all about what makes Mommy tick. Anyway little guy, you will be thought of on Coliween and every other day as much as you always already are.

Much love!

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