Saturday, December 3, 2011

SIDS Products


Daddy went to Babies R Us today for some shower gifts for a friend, and so much for the FDA having any teeth. One of the things Daddy initially was going to pick up had a big fat label stating that "this product is proven to reduce the risk of SIDS." To that, your Daddy says..."yeah, right." So, in good conscience, Daddy could not buy it and went with a similar product from another manufacturer who obviously heard what the FDA had to say. Maybe the next step is for the FDA to ban retailers from selling these products. Trust me, going into that store was tough enough...having to be slapped in the face with the labels made it that much more insulting. Thanks Babies R Us for helping perpetrate the SIDS misinformation by selling misleading products. You make all of us SIDS parents feel, well...insulted.

Talk to you tomorrow little guy. I love you!


  1. To be completely honest, I never knew much about SIDS or gave much thought to things like those labels until I met parents like you on here. But now every time I see anything about SIDS I think of you and Colin. It makes my heart hurt for you, and for all the other parents out there, especially when I'm reading something misleading...or that pushes someone's political agenda...or does anything else that is even remotely insulting to any of you.

    Oh, and for the record, I don't only think of you and Colin when I see SIDS stuff. I don't want that to come off in any kind of bad way.

  2. I get pretty mad because those products keep popping up on my Facebook page (I guess because I post about SIDS so much). When we were in the hospital with Iris my husband was sitting on a couch in her room, holding her. Above him was a sign that said "Don't co-sleep: Stop SIDS from happening!" I tore it down and threw it away, with the help of a nurse. It was a slap in his face, considering that he was co-sleeping with Toby when he died. I didn't want him to have to sit under that for a week.