Friday, January 6, 2012



It seems that companies from other countries are starting to speak to parents about their "safe sleep" devices in more practical ways using less fear-mongering tactics. Daddy found this company (Biosentronics). yesterday and read through how they promote their product. They seem to be responsible enough to know that making a profit is not about scaring the hell out of parents with the specter of SIDS looming over a parent's every decision and actually recommend speaking with a doctor if parents have concerns about that is a novel concept.
If you are concerned about your baby's sleep patterns, or the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (due to cessation of movement), please speak with your child's doctor.
The company even goes so far as to provide helpful links to any parents who want to educate themselves in regards to SIDS. or other infant heath care issues. Heck, even their FAQs page (question 4) has responsible, no nonsense answers that tell parents that this is not a medical device and should not be used as such...meaning that parents should still use safe sleep practices and common sense when caring for their babies.
It should not be used to diagnose, monitor, treat or alleviate a disease, injury or handicap. Nor should it be used to investigate (i.e. find the cause of) a physiological process (i.e. breathing).
So, for once, Daddy does not have to rant and rave about the irresponsible behavior of some company trying to make a profit using scare tactics and parental guilt. Instead this company seems to get the message correctly...or at least closer than any other so far.

I love you and miss you!

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  1. We have the Snuza and have been happy with it. When it stopped working, we went it back and the company replaced it for free.

    We know that it won't save her from SIDS, but it does offer some peace of mind on other accounts. It has alerted us to her seizures from time to time (when she stops breathing) and to episodes of sleep apnea.

    For us, it less about "stopping SIDS" with the Snuza and more about the fact that we CAN'T wake up and find that our baby has passed away again. The Snuza might not help us save her, but it will alert is if it is happening. I would much rather be there and say I tried than to wake up 6 hours later again and find that my baby passed away during the night. So it offers that.

    Glad to see a product not making claims it can't live up to.