Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Contradicting Themselves


This is a follow-up to yesterday's post and the reason Daddy gets so angry when reading all of these studies/theories regarding the cause of SIDS.
Krous feels that the most optimal sleeping arrangement for a newborn is to sleep on a hard, separate surface next to the parental bed. In this way, the mother can still breastfeed and stay in close proximity for monitoring, but the baby does not risk being suffocated by pillows.
So, the whole safe sleep thing does boil down to suffocation and the possibility that tons of research money that is meant to find out what actually causes SIDS is being wasted on telling people to take precautions not to suffocate their own children. Wow! I mean WOW! How in the world can a study talk about SIDS prevention and end with a statement like that?!? Where do I write the check? or better yet, where can I get what they are smoking to role up in that check?

One day there will be a real answer that clearly defines SIDS, and Daddy keeps on searching.

I love you!

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  1. I shared your blog entry on FB, as I do many of yours. Last year I got in a heated debate with several of my friends on Facebook who said they didn't care what they called it (SIDS, suffocation, etc.) as long as it was "saving babies." Well, I have a huge problem with not distinguishing the two. You can't tell someone to wear a bike helmet because it will reduce the risk of cancer, just because cancer sounds more ominous and more people will listen than if you just said head injury. They are two separate things and should be treated that way. How about SIDS awareness and SIDS research actually go into trying to find out more information regarding, I don't know, SIDS?

    And the people who say they don't care what the preventive methods are helping as long as they are saving lives? They would damn well care if they'd lost a baby to SIDS. When it's called suffocation, accidental or otherwise, it implies 2 things a) fault and b) that something could have been done differently for a better outcome.

    SIDS is SIDS and suffocation is suffocation. Come on, people. It's not that hard to keep straight.