Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Study, Same Result


Yet another study comes out telling parents about safe sleep habits for how, where, and why a baby should sleep alone, on its back, and without anything else in the crib, yet this study does the same thing as every other study. It identifies the percentage of infants who die from possible/probable suffocation...what about the rest of those infants whose death remains a mystery? When will one of these studies recognize that sometimes there are no answers and that SIDS and suffocation are not the same thing. Daddy is getting quite tired of reading these studies and articles that keep telling us the same thing. So what happens when every one of these safe sleep practices is followed and the baby still dies? What good is this, or any other, study? The baby is still dead, and the parents are still left to feel guilt, despair, remorse, pain, anger, frustration, confusion, and hopelessness to then only get a death certificate that, in essence, say "We just do not know why your baby is dead, but (s)he is." Thanks for that useless tidbit of information, and thanks to yet another study for yet again not answering anything that has not been addressed before...in other words, thanks for nothing.

Missing and loving you!

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