Wednesday, November 14, 2012

In a Nutshell

If you want to know what dealing with a SIDS death feels like, read the following excerpt from an article I just found...this Dad summed it up in a nutshell.
During an uneventful afternoon on March 19, 2012, Guy and Lena Wolfe laid their daughter, three-month old Mia Roance Wolfe, down for a nap. Within twenty minutes, she was dead. Mia had been a perfectly healthy baby, having just completed her routine checkup without any problems. However, the same absence of problems resulted in the belated diagnosis of any parent’s worst nightmare—Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. “You cannot put into words what losing a child feels like,” her heartbroken father said, especially when “the only symptom is death.”
People wonder why I still struggle with the death of Colin (not sure why), but this guy nailed it. How in the hell is anyone supposed to find peace with the death of their child when the only symptom is the death itself?

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  1. wow.I guess thats it.If we had a illness,or they said they had found a problem or even if ... if i dont know just something,anything.The problem is there is nothing was nothing some babies just die and life is never the same again.We have lost that innocence,we can no longer just put a baby down for a nap.Sorry im waffling but that it Death no explination.