Thursday, July 31, 2014

TJ Humphrey

I know that I have not written in a while, and that this blog is normally reserved for my feelings and thoughts about all things Colin, but today is about Timothy "TJ" Humphrey who died yesterday from injuries sustained in a severe motorcycle accident. I barely knew TJ personally, but have worked with his mother for almost a decade. She is a close friend, and knowing what pain she is in and will continue to face hits way too close to home. While TJ was 30 years old, her was still her baby, and the natural order of things has be disrupted yet again, and it really sucks.

A little background on TJ: Here was a good guy, worked hard, was a husband, and a father of two children (a 2 year old, and one just over a week of age). On July 26, TJ just went out for a little ride when a motorist unwittingly crossed right in front of him, causing the fatal crash. Neither alcohol or speeding were involved, yet it happened and a mother, wife, and two children (not to mention other family and friends) lost a loved one as TJ died from his injuries yesterday afternoon.

I mention all of this because there is a fund set up in order to help the family as the way too young widow and her two young children try to move forward with their broken lives. I am asking that anyone who reads this and feels compelled to do something…please forward it, post it on your site/blog, and help in any way you can. The link is provided below.

Thank you.

TJ's fund

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