Monday, December 22, 2014

Another year, another...

Another Christmas approaches, then another New Year, Colin's birthday, and so on…and it is strange how time seems to slow during the holidays, and then they are over in an instant. This year is not much different from the previous three. Christmas is bittersweet as usual. There is great joy in seeing the family all together and watching the kids tear open presents, and make a disaster out of the living room. There is also underlying sadness that comes from all the regrets and what could have beens. However, since I can not change the past, as I was reminded by someone I love, I am trying my best to focus on the now and make my living family happy. They deserve nothing less.

Other reminders are friends who have recently buried loved ones, including children, and distant friends/dads who still reach out to me from time-to-time. I am not sure why they pick me, but if they feel comfortable and my words help, then I am still more than willing to be there. To them, I wish some peace and serenity this holiday season, and every day of their lives. They also deserve nothing less. Peace to all of you and yours today…and every day.

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  1. Bittersweet. People seek you out because they know you know what it means to grieve. So very few understand. They probably didn't understand themselves until it was them. XOXO